How To Apply Craps Strategy To Increase Your Payouts

If you have ever played craps, then you know that it takes more than luck to make a profit. Craps is all about the right gambles at the right times and knowing what to do before hand can help you determine just which cards you should keep and which cards you should fold. Craps strategy is the key to playing craps like a professional. So how do you learn to strategize your way to a full weekend of fun and relaxation? Following are some of the top craps strategy tips.

craps strategy

Craps Strategy – Myth or Truth? No strategy is going to have any affect on what number the dice are rolled with and how they are tabulated. There are so many craps misconceptions giving advice as to how to predict which cards will be rolled and how much they will cost you, but still believing these to be true is a surefire recipe for failure. The only strategy you need to use when playing craps is the one that uses the odds to your advantage, knowing which cards are most likely to be rolled up and which are most likely to be rolled down.

The first craps strategy tip is to know the game, and although this seems obvious, you would be surprised how many people walk away from the table with money that has been lost or spent without knowing the rules of the game. There are two types of craps – regular craps and tournament style craps. In regular craps, there are only two possible outcomes, either you win or you lose. With tournament style craps, there are four possible outcomes, and winners receive monetary prizes based on their final stakes.

This is where your craps strategy guide comes in handy. When participating in tournaments, there will be a number of factors at play, including who rolled that card, and in what order. Knowing these factors is necessary to maximize your profits. One of the best strategies to use is to know your own personal odds and then figure out how many of those cards you can expect to get your money on. Most of the time there will be a limit of two or three on a hand, but you should count how many you have got, since if you find yourself short of cash you will have to wait until you get more.

Another basic craps strategy is to know your table layout before you begin. You should thoroughly study the table before placing any bets, since this can affect whether you get calls or bets, which will affect your odds of getting the right bet when it comes to your hand size. This is one of the most important aspects of understanding your craps strategies, because getting the right odds when it comes to betting is essential to maximizing your payouts.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of a craps strategy is the way you call bets. Many people will roll the dice and call their bets using only their imagination, and as a result they will generally wind up getting bets that are too large for them, or bets they did not want to take because they didn’t think they would get them, etc. In order to increase your payouts while using your imagination, you should use the odds provided by the system you are playing with to determine where you should place your bets, since some games require you to place your bets in certain areas of the board depending on the nature of the tiles on that board. By mastering this simple step, you will be able to win a lot more craps!